Beautiful Brains

What seems like gorgeous textiles is actually photographs of the human brain on a microscopic level.
via The New York Times



Ever wonder what's in a twinkie?

We do. And photographer Dwight Eschliman in his project 37 or So Ingredients
deconstructs the various processed ingredients that make a Hostess Twinkie. Yikes!


Julia Pott

Julia Pott is a London based illustrator/animator we like. we love her witty videos, especially Howard.

Howard from Julia Pott on Vimeo.

Bat For Lashes visuals from Robin Bushell on Vimeo.


from the rooftop

those were the days

The landscape was so different then.
Evacuating the village of Zenin. May 1948. John Phillips

The Year of the Moustache

some more photos from the Life Magazine Archive.

Haganah member. Tel Aviv, Israel. 1948

An Arab Legionnarie pointing his gun at John Phillips, April 1948

Israeli men celebrate the end of the British Mandate. May 1948. Frank Scherschel

vintage tel aviv

I recently discovered the incredible photo archive by LIFE Magazine.
Here are some photos of vintage Tel Aviv taken in 1948 by Frank Scherschel.


Mary and Matt

Mary and Matt are one part Mary and one part Matt a duo of graphic designers from NY. I can't quite recall how I stumbled on their website, but I'm glad I did. They make beautiful things and have a really keen eye. They also make chocolate.

And here's their Chocolate Editions commercial.


Mast Brothers Chocolate

For the pasty year or so there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Mast Brothers Chocolate, 2 brothers and chocolate makers in Brooklyn, NY. I neglected to post for a long while, but when I saw this short feature by The Scout I had to share it with you. The team at Mast Brothers Chocolate treats chocolate making as a craft. Each bar is carefully handmade and wrapped in designed paper and golden foil with process and history of chocolate in mind.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

Kedem Sasson

Kedem Sasson is one of my favorite Israeli designers. He currently is showing at the "יפה לך" exhibition in the מתחם התחנה in Tel Aviv. I loved these images of sculpted white dresses splattered in colored dye.

Photos via Kedem Sasson








Black Elegance

These beautiful images are actually MRIs of vegetables. Amazing, right?
Via Inside Insides


Tokyo in the 1920s

prints of Tokyo in the early 20th century by Koizumi Kishio

Via MIT Visualizing Cultures


Some inspiration for the coming fall...

Oh I hope it comes soon, i'm dying of heat. Ayn Rand looking tres chic in an elegant hat.


oh tokyo!

living here...

and craving some of this... it's been 2 years and i'm needing me some tokyo.


deep into the underworld

I've always had a fascination with sea creatures. Recently, marine scientists from the University of Aberdeen in the U.K. have discovered some new colorful drifters in the deep sea... how beautiful!